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High Pressure Horizontal/Vertical Multistage, Surface Pumps


EMS Series are vertically or Horizontally mounted multistage high pressure pump in segmented construction with opposing suction and discharge port of same nominal width or in-line-execution possible. It is capable of multi discharge construction upon request. 


Additional Info

  • Details

  • Family Curve: Family Curve
  • Pump Category: Surface
  • Pump Type: High Pressure, Horizontal/Vertical, Multistage
  • Flange: ANSI B16.5B (optional), DIN 2498 (std)
  • Materials: Stainless Steel, GG25(Cast Iron), G-CuSn10(Bronze)
  • Mounting: Bare Shaft, Engine Driven, Closed Coupled (EMSM)
  • Specifications

  • DN: 32 - 200
  • Q: 500m3/hr
  • O.P: up to 40bar (std); 50bar (optional)
  • H: 400m
  • Ns: 1450 - 2950rpm (50hZ), 1750 - 3550rpm (60hZ)
  • Applications

  • • Water Supply
    • Fire Protection and Sprinkler Installation
    • Boiler Feed
    • Irrigation and agriculture
    • High Pressure Pumping
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