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Horizontal Multistage, Surface Pumps

EHS/K and ECB/S are non-self priming, horizontal multistage pumps, use in domestic water supply or portable application.
Its suitable for hot and cold liquids, even oily water that is clean and with no solid can be handled. Optional auto pressure switch can be fitted to enable pressure cut in/out to save energy and prolong the life of wear parts due to frequent start/stop, prolonging the motor life.


Additional Info

  • Details

  • Family Curve: Family Curve
  • Pump Category: Surface
  • Pump Type: Horizontal, Multistage
  • Flange: BSP(F) threaded
  • Materials: EC - SS304 with cast iron in/outlet port or Fully 304, EH - Fully SS304 or Fully SS316
  • Mounting: Monobloc
  • Specifications

  • DN: Rp 1” to Rp 11/4” (female)
  • Q: 0.5 m3/hr - 8 m3/hr
  • O.P: 10 bars (subject to liquid temperature)
  • H: 5 - 55m - 50Hz 6 - 76m - 60 Hz
  • Ns: 2900 rpm - 50Hz, 3600 rpm - 60 Hz
  • t: 0ºC to 100ºC
  • Applications

  • • Domestic Water supply and booster
    • Heating and Cooling in industrial process
    • Cooling system in heat exchangers
    • OEM for washing and dish-washing machines
    • Light chemical transfer
    • Aqua and Horticulture
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