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EIJ-4000 Series

Variable Frequency Drive


EIJ-4000 Series is used to control the pump performance operating under a wide range of the system conditions and for energy saving.


The VFD can be used in pressure boosting system, water treatment and HVAC system etc.


It is self-cooling and can be installed directly on the motor or wall mounted.


Optional: Mobile App on Android and IOS

Power : 0.75 ~ 25 kW

IP Class : IP55

Input Power : 3PH/ 380/440V

Output Power : 3PH 380/440V

Frequency : 50/60 Hz

External Comm : RS-485/ Phone Applications (Android/IOS)

Max. Pump Linkage : Up to 4 pumps linkage

3″ LCD Screen : Available for the system indication back-light (RUN/STOP/ERROR)

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