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EDC-30 Controller


EDC-30 Controller is used for monitoring the pump and motor operation, ensuring the equipment are operating at their optimized conditions, which help preventing unexpected break down while prolong the equipment life span.

Easy Installation - It is easy to install, It can be installed directly on the motor or panel. (Note: EDC-7000 is the model of control panels that fitted with EDC-30 controller).

User Friendly – It is user friendly; the EDC-30 Controller comes with 4.3” TFT LCD screen with keypad.


Auto Function - It records and displays the operation history of the equipment. Auto recovery after power failure.

Constant Pressure – It protects the equipment with high/low pressure alarms as well as provide Low Water Level and Dry Run protection.

Operation Method: Individual Inverter Operation (Up to 3 pumps)

Display: 4.3" TFT LCD w/keypad

Languages: Korean/ English/ Chinese

Input Voltage: 220~240 V

Multi-Function Input/Output: 7 inputs/ 3 outputs

Temperature & Humidity: Under -10~40ºC/ Under 90%

Run History: Records and displays the operation history

Alarm History: Records and displays the alarm history

Other Functions: Freezing protection, auto recovery after power failure, high/low pressure alarm, low water level detection, force alternative operation, PID control, dry-run protection, transfer tank level display.

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