EIJ-4000 series are pump specific variable frequency drives that manage the pump performance to match a wide range of the system conditions and requirement for energy saving. The drives can be applied for pressure boosting system, water treatment and HVAC system etc. As the drives are self-cooling and motor-independent structure, it can be installed directly on the motor or an option to be installed on walls.


  • Model : EIJ-4000
  • Power : 0.75 ~ 25 kW
  • Input Power : 3PH 380/440V
  • Output Power : 3PH 380/440V
  • IP Class : IP55
  • Main Frequency : 50/60 Hz
  • External Comm. : RS-485/ Phone application(Android/IOS)


  • Constant discharge pressure control system (PID control)
  • Max. up to 6 pumps linkage (note: EIJ-4000 can link max. up to 4 pumps)
  • 7″ LCD Screen
  • Available for the system indication back-light (RUN/STOP/ERROR)
  • EIJ-4000 model has the differential pressure/temperature function, and half pump operation fuction
  • EIJ-4000 model has the Jockey program.
  • Easy to install availble to be mounted on the motor and on the wall
  • Language: KOR/EN/CH