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Single Stage, End Suction, Monobloc, Surface Pumps

EA series of pump is single-stage centrifugal pump and features axial suction and radial discharge. Compact structure , the pump is connected with the motor, co axial installation., screw thread inlet and outlet. Light weight, thin plate pressing structure for main parts and components. Use for Pressurisation and pumping of industrial and civilian clean water or other liquid.


Horizontal, Single Stage, End Suction Monobloc, Surface Pumps

EB/EB2 series is a single/twin impellers close-coupled stainless steel centrifugal pumps. They are ideal where space is a premium and a need for ease of alignments between pump and motor. Main dimensions and performance according to ISO2548C standard. It is available in two versions, SUS 304 and SUS 316L and are suitable for transferring moderately aggressive fluid.


Horizontal, Multistage

EHS/K and ECB/S are non-self priming, horizontal multistage pumps, use in domestic water supply or portable application.
Its suitable for hot and cold liquids, even oily water that is clean and with no solid can be handled. Optional auto pressure switch can be fitted to enable pressure cut in/out to save energy and prolong the life of wear parts due to frequent start/stop, prolonging the motor life.

Single horizontal Pump design with Automatic Controller


Inverter Constant Pressure, Surface Pumps

EIC is a compact booster pump for water supply and boosting in household and light commercial application. The integrated variable speed inverter enables the pump to maintain contact pressure in the piping system. The use of stainless steel & composite material makes the pump light and is ideal for drinking water application.


Vertical In-Line, Surface Pumps

Vertically mounted, in-line suction and discharge design, allows the pump to be placed onto existing pipe line without major pipe work to boost pressure and saves space from its small foot print. Extra bearing can be added to meet heavy duty application and are optional.


Single Stage, End Suction, Chemical Process/Oil & Gas, Surface Pumps

EISO pumps are Horizontal End Suction, single stage volute casing and designed to ISO 2858/5199. Its ‘back pull out’ design allows for maintenances without removing the piping and pumps alignments. Pumps can be fitted with single or double mechanical seal with seal support system according to API or ANSI seal plan. Cooling or heating jacket are available upon request.


Self-Priming, Semi Open-Impeller,Surface Pumps

Self Priming, Single Stage, Semi Open Impeller centrigual pump suitable for dirty water or waste water with solid size limit to 75mm(3′) or pumping condition needing negative priming starts. This is possible with integrated casing and internal vents and check valve construction that allows water and air to seperated to achieve negative priming. Designed with grease lubricated bearing for min maintenance and oil lubricated for cooler bearing operation. Another great feature, enternal wear plate and impeller adjustment that allows uninterupted operation while maintaining maximum pump efficiency at all time.


Horizontal, Single Stage, End Suction, Monobloc, Surface Pumps

The Euroflo EK series are non-self-priming centrifugal pumps with semi-open impeller. The pump wetted parts are of stainless steel (SUS 304 or SUS 316 ) construction and are particularly suitable for transfer of liquid with suspended solid size up to 14mm ( spherical ). The closed coupled / Back Pull Out design saved space and ensures flexibility of installation without moving the pump body from the piping system.


High Pressure Horizontal/Vertical Multistage, Surface Pumps

EMS Series are vertically or Horizontally mounted multistage high pressure pump in segmented construction with opposing suction and discharge port of same nominal width or in-line-execution possible. It is capable of multi discharge construction upon request.


High Pressure, Horizontal/Vertical Multistage, Surface Pumps

EMV/S/K series are vertical multistage, Stainless Steel construction, inline pot position with flange designed according to DIN or ANSI 16.5B standard or Victalulic coupling. Standard pumps are fitted with motor according to IEC, with motor efficiency Class EF1; EF2 or NEMA frame upon request. All Pumps are fitted with cartridge type mechanical seal for easy chage out without removing motor and adapter or the pipes (EMV32 and above) and Laser Weld impeller for strength and material intagrity(EMV20 and Above)


Horizontal Multistage, Surface Pumps

EOH are Horizontal Multistage Vane pump. Self Priming in construction and suitable to handle 2 phase fluid with up to 20% gas mixture.
This pump are used for clean fluid with small flow and high head, where normal centrifugal pumps will fail. The in-between bearing enable the pump to withstand high pressure, low noise and suitable for low NPSHa.


End Suction Centrifugal Pumps

ES/ED series is a single stage Back Pull-Out ( BPO ) Stainless Steel Centrifugal pumps. They are ideal where space is a premium and a need for ease of alignments between pump and motor. Main dimensions and performance according to EN733/DIN24255 standard. It is available in two versions, SUS 304 and SUS 316L and are suitable for transferring moderately aggressive fluid.


Single Stage Double Suction,Horizontal Split / Mounting in Horizontal or Vertical Position, Surface Pump

Horizontal Split casing, Single stage, Double suction impeller with in-between bearing design, allows pumps run quietly and with minimal vibration. Coupled with dynamically balanced impeller the pumps life is greatly prolonged and therefore, increase MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure). This allows the pump to be mounted Horizontally and also, vertically to save spaces.


Heavy Duty Submersible Dredge Pump

ESQ heavy duty submersible dredge pump with integral agitator is ideal pump-set to transport solid suspended water. The pump adopts excellent resistant material to ensure long-running in most abrasive application that duplex stainless steel could not. ESQ submersible motor is designed for continuous duty and up to 12 times multiple starts, and available in 3 motor cooling variables


Stainless Steel Bore Holes Submersible pumps

EST / ESP Bore hole pumps are used for submersible application where water are under the ground surface. The slim and light weight of the pump are ideal for well water and ground water extraction. They are constructed in multistage, closed impeller, diffuser with high chrome 304 stainless steel, a built-in check valve. Impellers are floating type and made of Nonyl for EST series and ESP series in SS304 or SS316. both series are fitted with NEMA type submersible motor. Bigger pumps are Laser weld to give it excellent strength and longevity.


Single Stage Double Suction,Vertical Split, Surface Pumps

ESVS ( C ) is Double Suction Vertical Split Case pumps. It’s Built according to the BB1 design – Between Bearing & foot mounted. Pump volute or casing shall be top suction and discharge as standard, optional with Suction and Discharge Ports in 90 Deg, upon request. These Design enable owner to save space and cost of construction as the foot print of the installed pump is 30-45% smaller compared to a standard Split casing pumps. With an integrally casted mounting feet and vertically split casing, it allows servicing of pump without disturbing the piping connections. The pump flanges are drilled to DIN EN 1092-2 or BS 4504 either ANSI class 125 or ANSI class 250. The impeller shall be bronze (stainless steel optional). The impeller shall be dynamically balanced. Testing of pumps can be carried out according to ISO 9906 Grade 2 and witness by the owner. ESVS(C) Pumps provide the ultimate in reliability and ease of installation for heating, air conditioning, pressure boosting, cooling water transfer, and water supply applications. It’s quiet, dependable and proven performance.


Single Stage, End Suction Surface Pumps

General purpose Industrial Centrifugal pump. End Suction, Single Stage and Volute with Back Pull-Out (BPO) feature for ease of dismanteling. Dimensions and Performance built according to EN733/DIN24255 (VDMA 24278), EU and Germany machinary directive. 5 standards bearing frame and 3 extra strength bearing frame to reduce stocking.


Single Stage, End Suction, Surface Pumps

Fire Pump for Fire Sprinkles and Fire Hydrant Protection. Listed according to Singapore Fire Code 52 or Australia Fixed Fire Protection Installation – AS 2941-2008 and AS 2118 – Sprinkle Protection.This pump are Single stage, Single Volute casing centrifugal, end suction pump with Back Pull-Out (BPO) feature,main dimensions and performance according to EN733/DIN24255(EUF), ISO 2858/5199 (EUFS).


Single Stage, End Suction Monobloc, Surface Pumps

General Purpose pumps used for Building & services, where space is a premium and a need for ease of alignments between pump and motor. This series of pump allow user to have a compacted foot print and consistences base dimension for OEM manufacturer.Optional extra bearing for heavy duty to resist impeller vibration.


Sewage/Drainage, Submersible Pumps

Submersible Grinder pump specifically designed for uses in narrow pit. Submersible with cast iron body, SS304 motor casing and vortex impeller. Stainless steel shaft , double mech seal. Continuous duty submersible induction motor, in a watertight casing . Rotor mounted on double-shielded ball bearing. Thermal protection in the winding, to be connected to the panel.