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Horizontal, Multistage

EHS/K and ECB/S are non-self priming, horizontal multistage pumps, use in domestic water supply or portable application.
Its suitable for hot and cold liquids, even oily water that is clean and with no solid can be handled. Optional auto pressure switch can be fitted to enable pressure cut in/out to save energy and prolong the life of wear parts due to frequent start/stop, prolonging the motor life.

Single horizontal Pump design with Automatic Controller


Horizontal Multistage, Surface Pumps

EOH are Horizontal Multistage Vane pump. Self Priming in construction and suitable to handle 2 phase fluid with up to 20% gas mixture.
This pump are used for clean fluid with small flow and high head, where normal centrifugal pumps will fail. The in-between bearing enable the pump to withstand high pressure, low noise and suitable for low NPSHa.

VFD Booster Pump

Compact Booster Pump (Horizontal Multistage Centrifugal Pump)

Built in VFD with P.I.D. control Easy to install and to handle Low noise level, low vibration For small building and domestic use.