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End Suction Centrifugal Pumps

ES/ED series is a single stage Back Pull-Out ( BPO ) Stainless Steel Centrifugal pumps. They are ideal where space is a premium and a need for ease of alignments between pump and motor. Main dimensions and performance according to EN733/DIN24255 standard. It is available in two versions, SUS 304 and SUS 316L and are suitable for transferring moderately aggressive fluid.


Single Stage, End Suction Surface Pumps

General purpose Industrial Centrifugal pump. End Suction, Single Stage and Volute with Back Pull-Out (BPO) feature for ease of dismanteling. Dimensions and Performance built according to EN733/DIN24255 (VDMA 24278), EU and Germany machinary directive. 5 standards bearing frame and 3 extra strength bearing frame to reduce stocking.


Single Stage, End Suction, Surface Pumps

Fire Pump for Fire Sprinkles and Fire Hydrant Protection. Listed according to Singapore Fire Code 52 or Australia Fixed Fire Protection Installation – AS 2941-2008 and AS 2118 – Sprinkle Protection.This pump are Single stage, Single Volute casing centrifugal, end suction pump with Back Pull-Out (BPO) feature,main dimensions and performance according to EN733/DIN24255(EUF), ISO 2858/5199 (EUFS).