Hot Thermal Oil Process, Surface Pumps

EACD pumps are designed for diathermic fluids having a max. temperature of 350°C. No cooling of the seal chamber is required; the installation of auxiliary flushing can then be avoided. Mechanical seal is in accordance with DIN 24960. These pumps, fitted with special mechanical seal device, can be used with hot water up to 170°C. Construction: EACD pumps, in bare shaft version, have a standard process type design: single stage, single volute casing; axial suction, top radial discharge; radial impeller, with axial thrust balancing holes; separate bearing housing, with one plane bearing lubricated by the pumped liquid and one grease lubricated axial thrust resistant ball bearing.


FlangeDIN 2332 (std), PN 16RF
Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, Bronze, Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Hastelloy
MountingBare Shaft, Engine Driven, Closed Coupled (EJM)
DN50 - 150
Qup to 350 m3/h
O.Pup to 16 bar
Hup to 100m
Nsup to 3,600rpm
tFluids Max. Temp. : 350 °C
Hot Water. Temp. : Up to 150 °C


  • Industrial
  • Process
  • Petroleum
  • Boiler
  • Hot Water Transfer
  • Hot Oil Transfer
  • Heat and Cooling Transfer
  • Synthetic Oil
  • Mineral Oil

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